God Bless America!
  Hello, I have retired from raising my little Poms.  I do have
some 3/4  American Bulldog 1/4 Rottweiler puppies available
born October 25, 2015 by my 2 year old 1/2 American
Bulldog 1/2 Rottweiler girl Jewel.  She is pictured below
with some pictures of her pups at 16 weeks old.   Some were
born with short tails and the others have been docked.  Dew
claws have been removed.  I can ship for 400 additional .
Please tell me a little about yourself and the home you would
give one of these awesome pups.  Their pictures and  prices

*****Shipping available  for 400 additional ******

Call 662-550-6674  or  send an email (best to email
me)                                   bethovin@msn.com

Please no calls on Sunday.  I will answer email's sent late Saturday  
and Sunday on Monday.  
I would like to recommend these very dedicated Christian ministries:

www.kcm.org               www.delway.org                              www.awmi.net

www.bible.com                                        www.blessitt.com

www.mac-hammond.org    www.hallindsey.org            www.persecution.com         

www.drcherry.org          www.Kingdomwarriors.com           www.marilynhicky.com  

www.mikebarber.org                www.reasons.org                     www.joycemeyer.org
Vaccines are harmful !
Our children are being forced to take
needless and very harmful vaccinations
from birth on.  The evidence of harm being
done is overwhelming yet the government
officials who sit on the board of
vaccination policies continue to push and
condone these vaccines.  Many are paid
consultants of the drug companies or hold
patents or stock in the drug companies.  A
clear conflict of interest. America has been
fooled by propaganda and  lack of
information.  Please get informed so we
can stop these giants from profiting at the
expense of our children's health and well
Please read the information on the
following websites :
Thank you!
*****Updated August 23,  2016*****  I
have two 9 month old girls available.  Blaze
and Blue.  New Pictures soon.
The good news is that Jesus has paid for our sins.    "For Christ died for sins once for all, the righteous for the
unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was.. put to death in the body but made alive by the Spirit",  1 Peter 3:18

When you understand this is true and ask Jesus to forgive your sins, repent (turn away) from your sins, and ask Jesus to be
your Savior, He says he will accept and forgive you.  You are now born again, have a new spirit which is one with the
Lord.  Now you need to ask Jesus to baptise you with his Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.  This is a
separate event from the salvation experience.  It is a free gift of power, wisdom, and guidance.  Read and study your
KingJames Bible.  Ask the Lord to help you find true bible believing christian friends and church.  Study and pray
everyday as much as possible to renew your mind and learn what God's plan is for your life.   Watch kingdomwarriors.com
videos on Youtube.  He is a good young solid bible teacher. Also Andrew Wommack awmi.net  and Joyce Meyers
joycemeyers.org are excellent bible teachers, teaching the full gospel of Christ.  For those who want scientific proof,
reasons.org has excellent research and answers to the skeptics questions.               
The Good News !
Never give a
vaccination to a
child that has
recently had a
round of
antibiotics.  You
need to wait 30
days and be giving
them some
probiotics.  Always
give them vitamin
C and coloidal
silver before and
after vaccinating.   
Christians remember the cry of  
David "Who is this uncircumcised  
Philistine who comes against the  
people of the most high God ?!!
God is with us !  Do not fear who is  
against us ! Do not back down, do  
not be intimidated, do not be  
politically correct. Take back what  
the enemy has stolen.  Go forward  
to victory in Christ Jesus !
Love your enemies but hate their  
sin! That is Godly correct!
"Let him that has
eyes see, and he that
has ears hear".
Lindsey bible
commentaries about
todays events.
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If you called and I did not return your call, please call
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Thank you !  Beth Watkins in Greenwood, Ms 38930
Rural Ads 250 x 250
Flower is white , she is
available to a pet home
only.  She was born
6-9-2006.  She is very
friendly and sweet.
This is Jewel ...These puppies 2 year old
mother.  She is 1/2 American Bulldog 1/2
Rottweiler ... This is her first litter of puppies.  
The father is a white American Bulldog.  Jewel  
is super smart, protective and very loving dog,
loves children and gets along well with other
dogs that are friendly. Geat mother !!
These puppies are 3/4 American Bulldog 1/4
Rottweiler They are twelve weeks old in these
pictures taken 1-16-2016  , new video soon.
3/4American Bulldog 1/4 Rottweiler pups at
12 weeks old now pictures taken 1-16-2016  
They were born October 25, 2015 ..all
pictured here ,  their Mom is pictured below.
Blaze - girl is $200  to a good home.  
Super smart playful girl will be an
awesome girl like her mother.  docked,
dew claws removed, shots and wormed.
mths old now
8-22-2016  These pictures
taken at
5months old.
Copper has gone to his
new home !  
I have decided to keep this
awesome girl.
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