Hi, first I would like to thank you for considering my puppies.   I take
alot of time and care to present them for pet homes.   I love my dogs
and puppies and enjoy raising them and finding good homes for them.

Recently,  I have become to feel oppressed by the huge demand for
more and more pictures by every single person who looks at my
puppies.  Many who after making demands for more pictures , then do
not purchase a puppy.   Taking  "good" pictures and putting them on
my website is very energy and time consuming.   I am a grandmother
with not alot of time or energy left after all I already do.  

I think people think that to avoid being scammed , you have to see
more pictures of the puppy.   Well,  I am sorry , but there are other
ways to verify that a person is not a conman.   You can call me at a
registered phone number with a listed address.   Most con people don't
have that.  You can call my bank and they will tell you that I have been
raising puppies for many years.   You can call my Vet and they will tell
you the same.  

I am raising for pet homes,  not show ,  so the pictures I have are
enough for any serious buyer.  A puppy is going to change every month
until he is grown so if you can not love a dog thru all his changes then
you really don't need to be getting a dog.

Thank you and hope this does not offend you because it would cause
you to miss a beautiful, healthy, smart companion for life.   I get calls
all the time about how smart and sweet my puppies are.   Most of these
come from people who saw my puppy,  made arrangements to get him
or her and took home the awesome pup they fell in love with from the
original picture that I had posted.

Beth Jackson
Greenwood, Ms   38930